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Endospheres Therapy

Non-invasive treatment which stimulates body's circulatory and lymphatic systems to provide cellulite reduction, body toning, skin tightening, and more


Cellulite Reduction

Body Toning

Skin Tightening

Enhanced Muscle Definition

Improved Complexion

Reduced Pain


How does Endospheres Therapy Work?

Low frequency vibrations through 55 silicone spheres to create a push-pull action to activate your body's natural drainage and circulation,  This pressure combinations acts as a workout to generate the drainage of fluids, reduce cellulite, improve local blood circulation, reduce pain and improves muscle tones.

Why choose Endospheres Therapy?

Endospheres Therapy is a painless (and relaxing) body sculpting treatment that allows you to get the desired effects without resorting to surgery, drug treatment and other intrusive methods.    It is 100% non-invasive with no downtime and proven, promised results. 

What is treatment like?

To achieve desirable results, treating bare skin is recommended.  Therefore, dependent on your targets area, being prepared to remove clothing and wearing comfortable underwear is recommended. 

Once ready for treatment, you will lay down on the table, be covered by warm blankets, and treatment will begin from the toes up.  During this time, a large roller device will be gently rolled over the treated areas in a massaging technique with hydrating oil.  

How many sessions will I need?

Depending on the area treated, you will need a minimum of 6 sessions to start seeing results and 12 sessions in order to get the full, long-lasting effect.


The minimum time required between treatments in 48 hours and it is recommended to space sessions out to be treated 2-3 times per week 

How long with results last?

By maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, results can last six months to indefinitely.  Maintenance packages are available to further improve results and maintain existing results 

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